Freshly roasted to perfection.

A superior quality brew.

Crafted with our impeccable attention to detail.


Good brew comes to those who wait

A love for the craft so deep we wouldn't dare dream of rushing it, La Superveloce is cold brew as only Caffe Luxxe can. The recipe is simple but the details are deliciously worth the wait - we start by roasting our beans to the perfect profile for taste and body and then brew them for 20 hours in Acquadolce. The result is a highly-caffeinated, velvety smooth premium cold brew that's bellisimo for sipping throughout the day to keep your engine going.


No. 1

Caffe Superveloce

There's cold brew, and then there's Caffe Luxxe cold brew. We took our time developing our take on this highly caffeinated delight to get it perfect for the palate. The result is an elegant body and velvety smooth finish. Perfect for sipping morning, noon, and night when you need to go-go-go! Pop by the shop today and pick up a bottle of our Caffe Superveloce.


No. 2

Caffe Superveloce Concentrate.

For a short time, we have a small batch of Concentrated Cold Brew in a limited-edition whisky flask. This lets you take control and make your own custom strength … Just in case your taste for caffe is even more Superveloce than your friends and family!