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Like you, our single focus is providing our customers with amazing experiences they won’t forget. For us, the quality of our coffee is our most important product in helping you achieve that goal. Often, the last taste a customer has after a meal is coffee, so let’s help make sure it tastes as great as your food to build a complete holistic dining experience. Our Co-Owner and Master Roaster, Mark Wain, and his team are dedicated to sourcing coffees, and developing individual roast profiles for each of them. Whether Single Origins, Blends, or Decaf, all of our coffees are roasted in Los Angeles and in small batches, in order to bring out the best flavors they can offer.

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Our commitment to quality goes beyond the flavor of the final cup, all the way back to the farms where our coffee is grown. We continuously build good relationships with coffee farmers, and whenever possible, we purchase exclusively organic and sustainably sourced coffees. Like many chefs, caffe owners, restauranteurs, and hoteliers we work with, we value sustainability and do what we can to create a healthy future for our planet. For our partners, local sourcing is important as well, and working with Caffe Luxxe not only guarantees them fresh, stellar coffees, but also helps to minimize our collective transportation foot print, and supports our local neighborhoods and economy.

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Our dedication for producing a high quality and sustainable product has been evident from the time we first opened our doors in 2006. Being the original caffe to launch the Third Wave coffee movement in Los Angeles, our coffees have been helping guests and clients discover what fine coffees can taste like for over a decade. In that time, we have earned numerous accolades by journalists and customers for having the best tasting coffee in Los Angeles year on year. We have even consistently been honored with 90+ point ratings by the esteemed Coffee Review publication, using their double-blind cupping evaluations.

Interested in learning more about how Caffe Luxxe can help you craft great coffee and create lasting memories for your guests? We look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills with you. Contact us today, and let us know how we can achieve your needs.

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