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Caffe Luxxe Wholesale – Partners in Excellence with Chefs, Coffee Shop Owners, Restaurateurs, Hoteliers & Offices

Our single focus is providing our guests with a taste of what we like to call La Bella Vita – or simply an indelibly delicious experience with every visit. As your wholesale partner, this means delivering an unparalleled product that helps you make a lasting, stellar impression. 

We know how critical the quality of coffee is to any culinary experience – whether as the first sip at the beginning of a busy day, the pick me up espresso delivered en suite at your resort, or the last note after an exquisite meal. From consultation to training and education to equipment troubleshooting and maintenance, our wholesale relationships are full service. When you work with Caffe Luxxe, you benefit from our very hands-on approach in the form of premium coffee that indulges the senses and enriches your guest experience.  

Commitment to Quality

Our Co-Owner and Master Roaster, Mark Wain, and his team are wholly dedicated to globally sourcing the most premium coffee beans available and perfecting their individual roasting profiles. Whether Single Origins, Blends, or Decaf, all of our coffees are roasted in small batches, in-house by our own hands to bring out the richness and complexity you simply cannot find anywhere else. 

From Farm to Cup

This meticulous process starts on each of the farms where our coffee is grown. By creating relationships based on mutual trust and respect with our farmers, we’re able to exclusively purchase organic and sustainably sourced coffees that help minimize our carbon footprint while supporting local economies and quality of life. It’s a thoughtful approach that yields the most delightful results – with the unusual notes and nuance of coffee grown with regard for the planet that gives us life, the people involved at every step, and the most incredible flavor possible from each satisfying sip.

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LA’s Original Artisan Coffee – Sharing Knowledge & Fine Taste Since 2006

As the first purveyor to launch the Third Wave coffee movement in Los Angeles, Caffe Luxxe has been helping people discover how fine coffee should taste. In that time, we have been recognized by journalists and customers alike for having the best tasting coffee in Los Angeles year after year. Using double-blind cupping evaluations, we have consistently earned 90+ point ratings from Coffee Review, the world’s foremost coffee guide (the coffee industry's equivalent to the Michelin star ratings system). It is our deep honor to receive such accolades and a responsibility we don’t take lightly. As your culinary collaborator, we bring this level of excellence to our wholesale partnerships to elevate and achieve your goals.

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Training & Education

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Equipment Service

Let's Work Together

Interested in bringing our artisanal expression to your guests? Contact us today for a consultation to learn how Caffe Luxxe can support your vision of an outstanding coffee experience.

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