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three baristas behind bar at caffe luxxe

Do you thrive on coffee, people & sunny vibes? 

Become a world-class coffee roaster or barista in our paid apprenticeship program and jumpstart a career in the culinary arts. In a world ever-influenced by technological efficiency, we dream of empowering people with the beauty of handmade craft. 

Both of our roasting and barista training programs are true on-the-job apprenticeships lasting 6-12 months (depending on your previous experience and dedication to perfecting the craft) during which you’ll get paid as you work through several phases of hands-on curriculum leading up to becoming a Professional Caffe Luxxe Roaster or Barista. 

Our programs are ideal for folks who are looking to deepen their skills and develop a growth-oriented career in the culinary service industry. 

Perk You Up

A Deliciously Uplifting Environment

We take pride in our vibes and sustainable approach to working life. Many of us know firsthand how grueling the service industry can be, which is why we offer daytime shift hours that allow for the rest and relaxation that help us recharge. We cultivate lighthearted positivity, laughter, and authentic connection in our caffés because we know that the energy we bring to our guests and each other is like a ripple effect in our community. 

The People Make The Place

Our family of service professionals come from all different walks of life, but share a common passion for all things coffee. We train ourselves constantly, always learning and growing our skills so we can provide the daily experiences and lasting relationships that make our caffés true neighborhood assets. We encourage and support each other, validate and celebrate each other. We promote from within so that our upper management embodies the dedication, skills, and thoughtful communication that guide our every move. 

Growing For Good

At Caffe Luxxe, your work and effort are recognized. That perfect foam you learn to pour? You’ll get immediate feedback on your unique flourishes at the bar from our delighted customers. That reliable quality and openness to trying new things? You’ll get a high-five from the teammates you inspire. That dedication and excellence you bring with you every day to work? You’ll be offered opportunities for growth and advancement from our management team that enrich your career and life. We promote based on merit, not tenure, to support those seeking more. 

Let’s Work Together

If you’re passionate about the culinary arts, have a natural way with people, and the capacity for excellent service, we’d love to teach you the exacting science of artisanal coffee preparation, done the Caffe Luxxe way.

Please email us at with your resume, cover letter, and which location/position you’re interested in.  

We look forward to working with you!

Ciao Ciao!