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Seasonal Single Origin Colombia Huila

We're pleased to offer this very special single origin sourced from Huila, Colombia, known for its consistently outstanding quality coffees. This soft-bodied creamy coffee offers an aroma of tangerine and lemon verbena.  And featuring flavor notes of satsuma tangerine, cola, green apple, grape juice with a lightly tart, crisp balanced acidity and a dry, sweet finish.

We gladly pay a higher premium to our farmer partners to support their business growth and goals - as well as the ability to provide a better quality of life for their families.

Our recommended brewing recipe is 26 grams for a 12oz cup, hot or iced (1:15 ratio).

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Size: 12oz

Seasonal Single Origin Colombia

There are few countries more famous for coffee growing than Colombia, which is known for its rich, mild flavor. Colombia is also one of the few countries in the world that only grows Arabica beans, which in addition to excellent climate and elevation, is why Colombian coffee is considered higher quality.

Within Colombia, HUILA is a mountainous region in the south and the largest specialty coffee producing region. It is nestled on the flank of the Andes near the Nevado del Huila volcano, the second highest peak in Colombia. The rich volcanic soil and lush climate are ideal for coffee growing.

Farmers regularly produce Cup of Excellence winning lots, the gold standard for coffee beans, thanks to its bright acidity, sweetness, and strong fruity profile. It’s the fruity edge and lack of bitterness to Huila coffee that sets it apart from other Colombian coffees.

Also in 2013, it received Denomination of Origin status for coffee, putting it on a par with the status awarded to champagne, Roquefort cheese, and many other foods and beverages with unique, location-specific characteristics.

Huila, Colombia
Farm / Producer
Gran Galope, regional select lot
1,400 - 2,000 masl
Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Tangerine and lemon verbena
Satsuma tangerine, cola, green apple, grape juice
Lightly tart, crisp balance
Soft-bodied, creamy
Dry, sweet, clean