Decaffeinato (Ongoing Subscription)
Caffe Luxxe

Decaffeinato (Ongoing Subscription)

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Our Decaffeinato is 100% decaffeinated, and maintains the beans' distinctive flavor characteristics.

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91 Point Rating by Coffee Review

Using the Swiss Water Decaffeination Process, we receive green coffee that is 99.9% decaf, and our roasting process eliminates the final .1%. A complex and balanced flavor, featuring a bold, rich body, and a dark chocolate and caramel flavor. We've put a lot of heart and soul into the creation of our decaf, such that in blind taste tests, coffee lovers have described it as a wonderful mild coffee prior to knowing that it was decaf. There is light acidity and a subtle sweet floral finish. Perfect for cappuccinos and lattes, as well as drip brew and French press.

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Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Bold
Light, Rich
Soft, Sweet, Floral