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Shorties Shortbread Cookies

As with all of Bunches & Bunches cookies, every batch of Shorties is full of of love. An irresistibly delicious and delightful cookie for those who enjoy the sweet life, Shorties are a celebration of the timeless shortbread cookie. The delicate texture and combination of rich butter and subtle sweetness is simply scrumptious.

  • Delicate texture
  • Rich butter and subtle sweetness
  • Simply sucmptious

Available sizes:

  • 6-pack cookies
  • 12-pack cookies
  • Box with 30 cookies
The 6-packs and 12-packs are packaged in cellophane bags with ribbon and a hang tag - just like in our caffes. The Box is thoughtfully and delightfully designed making it a perfect treat for someone special!
Size: 6-Pack in Bag