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Introducing Our Everyday Collection

coffee being scooped from a copper canister with a copper hario v60 kettle behind it

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new line of Caffe Luxxe Everyday Blends! This collection of exceptional blends is available year-round, and has been designed to highlight the smooth, comforting, and familiar flavors you’ve come to love from us. Comprised of three blends, each coffee in our Everyday collection has a unique flavor profile and purpose, showcasing the years of experience and expertise of our Master Roaster. The Montenero Blend (formerly House Blend) features rich chocolate and jasmine notes, and is designed to be enjoyed as espresso and drip coffee. Our newest blend, Casetta, was crafted with exceptional sweetness, and is perfect for drip. Lastly, our Decaffeinato lets you enjoy a decaf coffee without sacrificing any of our classic flavors. We invite you to try all of these locally-roasted offerings, inspired by our love of Italy and its appreciation for quality and approachable luxury. Take a moment from your day to relax and savor una bella tazza di caffè.

Montenero Blend

Italian for “black mountain”, this coffee exudes strong notes of dark chocolate and rich caramel carried by a bold body that balance perfectly on your palate. Rounded out with a subtle acidity and delicate tastes of jasmine, this blend is designed for all-around use. Whether you brew it as espresso or as a drip coffee, Montenero will be the perfect fit.



Casetta Blend

Designed specifically for Drip coffee, our Master Roaster gave this coffee a lighter roast profile to highlight its sweetness and playfully tart acidity. Casetta (“little house”) is lush with distinct notes of stone fruit & cherry blossom, a creamy body, and a sweet & clean finish that lingers delicately on your palate. This blend of coffees from Costa Rica and Guatemala will be right at home brewed with your bee house dripper, or your press pot, though those more adventurous may enjoy it brewed as an espresso as well!


Our decaf offering is blended and roasted to mirror the balance and sweetness of our Montenero, but without the caffeine. Composed of coffee that has undergone the chemical-free, flavor preserving Swiss Water Decaffeination process, Decaffeinato lets you enjoy a decaf without sacrificing flavor. Taste the sweet, smooth, and balanced notes of chocolate, caramel, a touch of brightness, and a beautiful jasmine bouquet, and still get a full night of sleep . We've put a lot of heart and soul into the creation of Decaffeinato, such that in blind taste tests, coffee lovers have described it as a wonderful, mild coffee without knowing that it was decaf!

Our Everyday Blends are now available! Pick up a bag today and experience truly artisan crafted coffees!

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