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Handcrafted for Social Value

close up of espresso distribution

Everyday as new technologies emerge promising to make our lives easier and more efficient, the coffee industry becomes ever more automated. In fact, it’s far more common to find coffeehouses that exclusively utilize push-button equipment, requiring less training and skill from the person operating the machines. While these businesses may save time and money in training, they lose the opportunity to develop new artisans who can take the art of handcrafted goods and services to the next level of mastery.

In this modern age, our timeless appeal still comes down to our patient old world process of truly getting to know one’s art and self on the deepest levels. It’s an approach that we invest in year after year because we know that our unwavering commitment to quality sets our service, coffee, and culinary creations apart from the many mass-produced options on the market. 

Becoming a Caffe Luxxe professional means the people who work for us get to develop a depth of knowledge and technique that can only come from rigorous learning. Their curiosity, persistence, acquired skills, and mastery only continue to grow and follow them wherever they go next, helping them make a positive impact in their own communities for years to come. 

We’re incredibly proud of every single person on our team – from the roasters to the folks who fulfill your online orders, from the managers who run our caffes to the baristi who create works of art in your cup. Through their time with us, they become family. And just as we value genuinely getting to know you, we delight in getting to know them for all their unique gifts and life experiences. 

Every day is an opportunity for all of us to learn more about each other, and we aspire to bring this philosophy to each of our partners, all the way from the farms to our caffe bars to the communities we serve. 

Join us at the bar soon and enjoy a taste of the Caffe Luxxe love.