Our Story & Philosophy


mark wain and gary chau of caffe luxxe

Best friends since school, Mark Wain and Gary Chau quit their corporate jobs in 2006 to start their dream of working together and owning a local neighborhood business. Through their shared passion for European sensibilities, their experiences with caffe culture in Italy always stayed with them; the artisan approach to coffee preparation, the value of community, and the ability for a caffe to serve as both a way to get ready for the day, and a place to unwind for the evening. They both dreamed of bringing these experiences back with them to Los Angeles, and creating a neighborhood caffe to share with their community.

Established to bring a unique luxury to coffee and a culinary experience, Caffe Luxxe was the first caffe in Los Angeles to champion a move towards hand crafted artisanal espresso and brewed coffee. Our dedication to serving the best, individually crafted beverages has helped LA drinkers discover what fine coffees can taste like, earning us numerous accolades by customers and journalists alike. Hand crafting every single drink is our daily passion, and we strive to make each drink better than the last.

coffee cherries

Our commitment to serving great coffee begins thousands of miles away at the farms where the beans are grown, where we strive for full transparency of sustainable practices. Mark makes yearly trips across the world, building relationships with farmers and specialty importers, and sourcing the finest coffee beans. Our relationships ensure that farmers are paid fair prices, helping to secure not only better coffees for us, but better lives for farm workers and their families. Great coffees and relationships begin at the farm, and we’re proud of the friendships we’ve made.The result of these efforts has created highly rated and respected coffees – all 90+ points, since we began roasting.

two roasters in front of a roasting machine

Our philosophy on roasting guides our hands, as we roast coffee to focus on the classic characteristic flavors unique to each country to bring out the depth and complexity they have to offer. Bearing in mind that there is no right or wrong for the consideration towards light vs. dark roast, it all depends on the coffee and your own taste. However, our roasting style tends to lean towards medium to light where we find it draws out the subtle nuances of aroma and flavor at its best.

Our Blends are meticulously crafted, beginning with a consideration for the aromas, flavors, and experiences we want to celebrate to create the ultimate balance. Our Single Origin offerings highlight the terroir which make that coffee unique. All are crafted in small batches, allowing us to finely tune the profile for each roast. This has consistently achieved highly rated coffee scores of 90+ points by Coffee Review since we started.

Every day we combine our travels, histories, and expertise to bring the best experiences to our caffe friends and family. From the coffees we source, roast, and brew, to our curated selection of pastries and culinary offerings, every piece of Caffe Luxxe has been created to share with you what Mark and Gary felt and dreamed about while traveling and living in Europe all those years ago.

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