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The world is full of beauty, and we love bringing it home for you


mark wain and gary chau of caffe luxxe

It all began in 2006 by co-founders Mark Wain and Gary Chau who are best friends since school, with a richly drawn espresso enjoyed one fine Italian morning while on holiday. From first sip, we began dreaming of traveling the world to source inspiration for our own neighborhood caffes.

Back then, artisanal coffee wasn’t even a thing. Grabbing a cup just meant going through the line at a local shop or national chain to drink mostly burnt coffee. We brought a method and approach to Los Angeles that has now become a standard and we are incredibly proud to have set this bar. 

Some of the luxuries you enjoy here start thousands of miles away, on small family-run farms where our commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices directly improves the quality of life for our partners. Securing the best coffee beans, discovering unique ingredients, perfecting our methods, and interpreting the character of Europe’s most stunning places are vital to our artisanal expression. 

We do all of this because we know that our simple pleasures can transform an ordinary morning into a bright spot in your day.

coffee cherries


"Best Espresso in the West." - LOUIS VUITTON TRAVEL GUIDE



Unparalleled quality you can taste

With great reverence for old world tradition, immaculate attention to detail, and the rigor of true masters, we continually seek to perfect our methods so we can faithfully offer you the most sumptuous culinary delights every single time. 


The entire lifecycle of our efforts is dedicated to honoring the coffee and its producers. The farmer farms the land to yield the best coffee beans. The roaster roasts the coffee to highlight the inherent characteristics of its terroir (where the coffee comes from). And the barista crafts the drink to celebrate the roast for our guests to taste and appreciate the difference. 


Everything starts with the beans. We travel across the world to forge the kind of long term relationships that not only produce the best product, but also ensure a transparent exchange that benefits all of us. Our sustainable approach guarantees that we care for the people, places, and partnerships upon which we  depend with deep respect and a vision for our collective wellbeing.


Always small-batch roasted in our Probat machines, we use a human touch (never a computer) to stay true to the bean. With consideration for provenance and character, we take a chef-level approach to our rigorous process that honors the farmers’ effort to grow, nurture, pick, and process the coffee. By drawing out its unique flavor profile and achieving the best balance, we elevate the coffee produced to its highest potential. The result of these efforts has created highly rated and respected coffees – all 90+ points – since we began roasting.


To certify our baristi as masters at their craft, they undergo at least 6 months of training to study the culinary arts and sciences and refine the skills needed to meet our standards. They learn our roasting process, train on our manual machines, and test their own handiwork to understand our techniques inside and out. Only then are they fluent in our artisanal approach and fully qualified to serve up the most delicious of coffee creations.

two roasters in front of a roasting machine

Make time for pleasure

We hope you’ll come visit us soon or bring our products home to enjoy. We’ll be here to lift you up and give you an exquisite taste of La Bella Vita


Mark, Gary & The Caffe Luxxe Family

barista making a pour over coffee

barista steaming milk

black & white photo of man preparing a coffee cupping

caffe luxxe team photo on coffee bags