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How I Learned to Slow Down & Enjoy My Morning Coffee

Woman sitting in a cozy chair by a large window, enjoying her morning cup of coffee.

I had an epiphany the other day as I was rushing to gather my work stuff, hustle the kids to school, and down my morning coffee – all at the same time. 

As I took a minute to pause and sip my coffee (a delicious premium brew I had just been gifted), I found myself thinking, “This is too nice a coffee to rush.” 

Now most of us probably have morning coffee routines, but how many of us actually have the time to truly enjoy the taste of what we’re drinking and how we’re crafting our coffee? As a society, we seem to be perpetually in a hurry to get things done, with too little time to take it all in. 

This fast-paced environment has led to an increase in general anxiety among the American public, with approximately 87% of adults battling stress. It makes me think: what would happen if we all took just a little time to actually slow down and enjoy our morning routines, including our A.M. coffees?

It doesn’t just feel good to slow down in the morning. It can actually boost your mood, sharpen your focus, and set you up for a good day. I found that making just this one change in my life has led to a slew of benefits throughout my usual routine. 

So, how did I do it? Let’s talk about it. 

Transcending Routines and Embracing Rituals

Legend has it that coffee beans were discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder sometime during the 9th century. Today, I’m among the billions of people worldwide who make it a habit to enjoy morning coffee regularly. 

Coffee drinking is a long and proud tradition. Since humans first began cultivating coffee on a large scale in the 15th century, they’ve also devised ceremonies to drink it. From coffee rituals in Ethiopia to the Italian espresso morning coffee, coffee culture is global.

But somewhere along the way, it feels like that ritual became more of a routine – one that most of us take for granted. This has started to affect our experience with coffee, as well as our general appreciation of slow, peaceful mornings that set us up for success. 

As I thought about all of this, it brought me to an overarching concept: mindfulness. 

The Mindful Art of Brewing Coffee

I no longer see my morning coffee as just a mere beverage — it’s an intentional, sensory experience that contributes to my well-being. I carefully shift my thoughts, moving away from having a “quick cup of joe” to mindfully enjoying sips of high-quality coffee. 

Now, along with my caffeine fix, my morning cup also helps me find acceptance, relaxation, and peace. I try to be conscious and present for the whole experience rather than hurried and distracted. 

To master the mindful art of brewing coffee, I first activated all of my senses. 

The tactile sensation of grinding the beans. 

The heady aroma of the brew. 

The deep, rich taste on my tongue. 

Rooting myself in these sensory experiences allows me to slow down and feel less stressed before facing the world. I envision what my perfect day will look like and channel my energy toward making that a reality. 

A little mindfulness goes a long way, not just toward general well-being, but also toward our experience with coffee. 

But I’m not done talking about the sensory elements of morning coffee routines. Let’s take things a little further.

Man mindfully making a cup of pour over coffee as he starts his day.

The Tactile Experience of Grinding Coffee Beans

There’s a reason people use the phrase “full of beans” to refer to someone bursting with positivity and high spirits. I feel the same way when I look at my beautiful coffee bean selection every morning. 

Grinding coffee beans has become a meditative process for me every morning. I feel my happiness increase (and my stress decrease) as I load the coffee into my grinder. I use a burr grinder, but there are many different types you could have at home, including:

  • Manual grinders
  • Electric grinders
  • Blade grinders
  • Espresso grinders

The familiar sounds of the grinding motions and aromas of fresh ground coffee induce a state of bliss, starting my coffee ritual off on the right note. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that you begin to associate the tactical experience of coffee with feelings of pleasure.

A Cup of Gratitude

Every time I enjoy a stellar cup of coffee in the morning, I’m grateful that I can start my day doing something I love. It’s even better when I get to share coffee with friends and family

Starting my day with a positive rush of gratitude has uplifted my mental well-being and made me feel noticeably happier. I have also noticed that acknowledging my gratitude helps me slow down and enjoy the moment. 

If I could impart one piece of wisdom to you, it would be this: find the good in having a few minutes (or hopefully more) to enjoy your morning cup. Believe me when I say that doing this will have far-reaching benefits throughout your life, even if you don’t necessarily notice them right away.

Woman relaxing with a book and a hot cup of coffee.

Other Tips to Turn Your Coffee Routine into a Ritual

1. Choose High-Quality Coffee

Always prioritize quality. After all, you’re conducting a ritual, not a routine, and that involves picking things with intention. 

Better quality coffee means more tantalizing aromas and more decadent flavors for you to enjoy. When you’ve found a coffee that has captured your tastebuds, I recommend you slow down to take it all in and enjoy it more leisurely. 

2. Experiment With Brewing Methods

The brewing methods you use to prepare your coffee can make a massive difference in taste. I find that sticking to a single style of coffee can start to feel repetitive rather than ritualistic. That’s why I encourage you to try out different brewing methods for the enjoyment.. 

From espresso to the French press to the pour-over, each has its own charm that you can taste in your cup.

3. Incorporating All Your Senses

Wake up and smell the coffee” is outdated. You have to do more than smell to get the most out of your coffee experience

You must be present to fully see, touch, hear, smell and taste the coffee with all your senses. Engage your sense of hearing by putting on your favorite music, as well, or wear your comfiest slippers while you relax.  I would add that perhaps the 6th sense is focusing on mindfulness.

4. Create a Space

My coffee rituals transport me to a special physical and emotional place. I take my cup to my coziest chair, where I can put my feet on the table. My emotional state reflects my physical resting state. 

When you are simply savoring the flavor of your coffee for a few special minutes, your mind can recharge its batteries and prepare for the rest of the day. 

5. Upgrade Your Drinkware

Never underestimate the power of drinkware which tends to be more tactile than you think. My mug collection is also a reminder of all my overseas holidays. When I’m sipping my morning coffee at home, I’m also reminiscing about a beautiful morning in Barcelona because that’s where I found the cup. Building a beautiful collection of drinkware can also encourage you to share your ritual with loved ones.


Home-Brewed Self-Care - Try It for Yourself

My morning coffee ritual has brought joy to my life. Some positive changes are:

  • I’m less stressed about work
  • I feel more creative 
  • My moods are more positive
  • I’ve developed a taste for black coffee! (Bye-bye, sugar!)

  • If you’re looking for a partner in this journey to a better morning coffee routine, I recommend checking out Caffe Luxxe and its products. This brand’s passion for coffee as an experience, and not just a drink, is what makes their selection ideal for coffee lovers like you and me!

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