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Costa Rica La Chumeca Dota Tarrazú

a person standing among coffee drying beds on a coffee farm. a

At Caffe Luxxe, exploring the origins of our coffee is an important step in genuinely understanding our product, and appreciating the tremendous amount of work and care that takes place at the farm level. We seek out opportunities to visit our farmer partners and producers around the world as often as possible.

Our roasting team traveled to Costa Rica to hand select this special limited edition single origin, a naturally processed selection of the varietal Villa Sarchi from the farm Finca Mima, in the Dota Tarrazú region of San Jose. While natural processing can be more frequently found in other regions such as Ethiopia, it’s rare in Costa Rica, and this will be the very first natural Costa Rican single origin that Caffe Luxxe has offered to date!

The light and creamy bodied coffee evokes a floral aroma, with notes of caramel and sugar, flavors of cranberry and coffee blossom, a subtle, tart acidity, and a clean, crisp finish.

on the left, two bunches of pink flowers. on the right a caffe luxxe to-go cup

About Natural Processing

Unlike the more prevalent washed processing method, in which the bean is de-pulped and rinsed clean before drying, natural processing leaves the bean to dry inside the coffee cherry, allowing it more time to interact with the natural sugars and absorb more nutrients and flavors from the fruit.

la chumeca coffee farm collage. coffee cherries on a coffee tree, a flag in a field of coffee, and a blue toyota truck

About La Chumeca

This particular coffee was processed at La Chumeca Micromill, owned and operated by Martin Ureña and located on a stretch farmland run by Martin and his two brothers, Edgar and Cesar. They each oversee their own section of land while also working together as a family unit, along with their children and their fleet of antique work trucks. Martin produces only naturals, including a few experimental lots, which is evident in the wonderfully sweet aroma that envelops you as you step foot onto the land. He is meticulous in his processing, constantly moving about the beds, rotating the cherries as they dry, and picking out any fruit that is not drying evenly. He and his brothers are currently experimenting with a barrel based fermentation process to increase quality and productivity. We’re thrilled to be collaboring with the Ureña family, and look forward to sharing this exquisite coffee with you.

coffee drying beds filled with naturally processed coffees

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