bag of caffe luxxe montenero blend



Region: Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, Papua New Guinea
Process: Various
Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Jasmine
Body: Bold, Rich
Acidity: Light, Delicate
Finish: Smooth, Sweet, Floral
(Note: Montenero was previously called House Blend!)

91 Point Rating - Coffee Review 2015

Italian for “black mountain”, this coffee exudes strong notes of dark chocolate and rich caramel carried by a bold body that balance perfectly on your palate. Rounded out with a subtle acidity and delicate tastes of jasmine, this blend is designed for all around use. Whether you brew it as espresso or as a drip coffee, Montenero will be the perfect fit.

For fans of our House Blend, this is the coffee for you! Montenero features the same delicious taste as our House Blend, just with a new name!

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