Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Ongoing Subscription)
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Ongoing Subscription)


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Processed using the Natural Process technique, this coffee retains much of the fruitiness and sweetness of the coffee cherry itself.

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An exceptionally sweet, floral coffee experience

Sourced from octogenarian coffee producer Bedhatu Jibicho, who was born and raised in the Gedeb district where her farm is located. She began her work in coffee in the 1960s when the government granted land to her husband and has managed the farm operations for over 50 years - even before her husband passed away in 1991. Her role has now evolved from co-op member to exporter, thanks to the Ethiopian government's recent movements to improve direct trade.

Gedeb District
Farm / Producer
Bedhatu Jibicho
Natural Process
Indigenous Heirloom Varieties
Floral, Sweet, Stone Fruit
Strawberry, Peach, Pink Lemonade
Tart, Balanced
Crisp, Clean

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