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Valentine's Day Dates at Caffe Luxxe

two people sitting opposite each other at a yellow table, each holding a cup of coffee, while two greeting cards sit between them

This Valentine's Day we hope you’re going to start it off by taking your special someone to visit your favorite caffe! But after you each enjoy a delicious latte and a breakfast pastry, what can you do to make the day (and night) more special? Read on to discover some of our favorite Valentine’s Day date ideas, and treat your love to a Valentine’s Day they won’t forget. From walks on the beach at sunset hand-in-hand with your partner, to sharing laughs and memories over a delicious bottle of wine, we’ve put together a unique list of ideas surrounding each of our caffes just for you. So, no matter which caffe you start your day at, you’ll find the inspiration you need to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day.

two people holding caffe luxxe coffee cups in front of a heart rose bouquet


woman's hand holding a coffee cup full of coffee

San Vicente

couple holding hands on a yellow table with coffee cups


samoyed puppy winking in front of caffe luxxe country mart

Country Mart

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