Office Coffee Training

a person pouring latte art

Training our partners is something we genuinely love, because it allows us to share our passion for coffee preparation with more people. Our years of experience training our own staff in pour over, espresso, and latte art has taught us how to train teams quickly, and efficiently. The same knowledge and attention we share with our staff is available to you as well, free of charge.

When we create your office coffee program together, we take into consideration the level of training required to keep your staff brewing delicious coffee. In some cases, that may be as simple as instructions on how much coffee to grind when brewing a batch brewer, and in other cases, we can go as far as teaching proper espresso extraction techniques and latte art! Onsite training is not only informative, but also an excellent team building experience for your staff.

Are you ready for your staff to become equipped to brew delicious coffees in the office? Contact us now, and we’ll create an office coffee program tailored to your team.


coffee being scooped from a copper canister


a person making pour over coffee


a person making espresso on a synesso espresso machine