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Dear Caffe Luxxe Family and Friends,

First of all, we wish you all a wonderful and happy new year!

By now, you will have heard about many inappropriate behaviors being exposed in high profile businesses such as the entertainment industry, politics, and even the restaurant industry. It was also with great disappointment that we heard of a recent situation at a well-known coffee company out of San Francisco; this makes the issue even more disconcerting for us because it was so close to home in many ways.

We clearly recognize that this is not a specific industry issue, as it transcends everything beyond the workplace; this is something that all of us can take action to help make things better in the world.

It’s important to us as a small neighborhood business, that all of our family, friends, neighbors, and business partners understand that we have always supported and will always support wholesome values which place equality and respect at the forefront of all our sustainable practices since the day we opened in 2006.

Although we have always provided our employees with a safe environment to work and a proper forum to discuss any concerns, we recognize we can always do more and we will.

We have and will always support that all are welcome and that you are safe here in our home. If you would like to learn more about our practices, please feel free to reach out to us at any time and perhaps you might be interested to help us with our local Bake & Gather For Good efforts to support the #timesup movement.

Thank you for your time and support!


Mark and Gary
Owners of Caffe Luxxe

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