Caffe Luxxe Liquid Soap - Positano

Caffe Luxxe Liquid Soap Positano


Lush with notes of orange blossom, bergamot, rosewood, and grassy mountain dew, experience the aromas of Positano, Italy with our brand new Caffe Luxxe A Casa bath & body collection!

When we created our first fragrance in our new line of Caffe Luxxe A Casa, we were inspired by the effervescent scents from our trips to Positano, Italy. When you stand on top of the mountain overlooking the sea early in the morning, you experience a combination of the flora and fauna of the region combined with a mild ocean breeze and a subtle fragrance of the coconut suntan lotion from the sunbathers on the beach below. After over a year of development, we were able to recreate these aromas and infuse them in our Caffe Luxxe A Casa Bath & Body Collection.

The Caffe Luxxe A Casa line is infused with our own natural green coffee extract, which imparts nourishing antioxydant benefits to protect your skin from free radicals. Natural oleosomes - moisturizing cell membranes found in fruits like watermelon - are filled with green coffee extract, which creates the ability to release our natural coffee extract into the skin through time release hydration.

Presented in a 16 ounce glass jar.

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