Ethiopia Gesha Village Bangi
Caffe Luxxe

Ethiopia Gesha Village Bangi


Introducing Caffe Luxxe’s very first Ethiopia Gesha, the world’s most sought-after heirloom cultivar! Produced and harvested in the very forest from which Gesha originated, we're elated to share this exclusive coffee with you.

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The birthplace of the Gesha variety

We’re thrilled to announce a very limited run of Gesha Village Bangi, a naturally-processed Ethiopian coffee. For fans of natural Ethiopian coffees, this is the ultimate find—the delicate complexity of a Gesha coffee, wrapped up in the fruity boldness you love. During processing, the coffee cherries are dried on beds in the sun, infusing the bean with distinct notes of maple and concord grape and creating a profile that’s both exquisitely smooth and incredibly vibrant, all at once.

This special selection comes to us from the origin and namesake of the revered Gesha coffee variety: The dense, stunning landscapes of Gori Gesha Forest in southwestern Ethiopia near the border of Sudan. This has been confirmed as the origin of the Gesha variety, including the 2004 Best of Panama Gesha. Ethiopian-born Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton founded Gesha Village in 2011, painstakingly cultivating the forest’s wild varieties for their farm alongside native shade trees just 20 kilometers away from their natural habitat, reviving these prized coffees as a way to contribute to the local community.

From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy this unique find as much as we do!

Gesha Village
1911 - 2001 Meters
Concord Grape, Hard Candy
Soft, Delicate
Canadian Maple Syrup, Concord Grape, Hard Candy
Clean, Smooth
Net Weight