Coffee Kombucha - Vanilla
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Coffee Kombucha - Vanilla


Try the Original Coffee Kombucha flavored with natural vanilla.  Sold in a case of 6 16oz bottles, it will arrive to your doorstep ice cold within 3 days.  Free shipping is included in the price! 

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Smooth, creamy, caramel, and fragrant

Our Montenero coffee is the star ingredient in The Original Coffee Kombucha in place of the traditional method of using tea. This creates a well-balanced drink which is full body and rich in flavor unlike anything you have tasted before.

This healthy living probiotic drink is perfectly balanced with the energizing effect from our coffee - It contains the same amount of caffeine as an equivalent cup of brewed coffee -  Ice cold, crisp, and refreshing!

The natural vanilla and coffee shines through as a prominent flavor note with hints of caramel, tangerine, and balanced with a smooth creamy finish.  This is definitely an instant winner for all vanilla fans!

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