Michel Cluizel Los Ancones 67 Percent

Michel Cluizel Los Ancones 67%


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Los Ancones 67% dark chocolate is a subtle combination of liquorice wood, red berries and green olives. Currant and apricot are then released as a long lasting aftertaste.

For three generations, the Cluizel family has evolved amidst fragrances of chocolate. They have been makers of premium chocolates since 1948. Cluizel developed a direct, sustainable relation with cocoa planters. This fair commitment is a pledge of quality. A genuine, natural taste, this is what the self demanding chocolatier always strives for. Everything is made at the Manufacture Cluizel: from the slow roasting process that perfectly reveals all the cocoa flavours, to the subtle decorations which are often handmade.



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