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Kenya Peaberry Kericho County


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Region: Kericho County
 1,796 Meters
 SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
 Fully Washed
: Medium
Aroma: Brown Sugar, Savory Undertones
Flavor: Stone Fruit, Caramel Grapefruit Rind
Acidity: Bright, Balanced
Finish: Clean, Dry

Introducing our latest seasonal single origin coffee, a peaberry grown in Kericho County, Kenya, and sourced from family-owned farms on the eastern slopes of Aberdares mountain ranges.

When a natural mutation causes one round seed to develop inside of a coffee cherry instead of the usual two flattened seeds, that coffee bean is called a peaberry. Only one in twenty beans is a peaberry, and is carefully sorted out; its rounder shape and higher density allows the peaberry to roast more evenly, and it tends to carry a more buoyant acidity and more complex aromatic ranges.This medium-bodied peaberry coffee presents an aroma of brown sugar with savory undertones, flavor notes of stone fruit, caramel and grapefruit rind, a bright, balanced acidity, and a clean finish.

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