congo lake kivu

Congo Lake Kivu


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Region: Lake Kivu, Eastern Congo
Altitude: 1,460 - 2,000 M
Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried
Varietal: Bourbon Derivatives
Aroma: Aromatic, Sweet, Caramel
Flavor: Caramel, Red Fruit, Hoppy
Body: Medium
Acidity: Bright, Tart
Finish: Lingering, Clean

We’re pleased to present our latest single origin, the first coffee in the Democratic Republic of Congo to achieve the top national grade since 1967! Enjoy the sweet aroma of caramel and the flavors of hops and ripe red fruit. This medium-bodied coffee features a bright, tart acidity and a lingering, clean finish.

The coffee is Fair Trade-certified, sourced from a co-op in South Kivu in the Eastern DRC. After years of conflict and war in the region, these family-based communities look toward a more hopeful future, selling for the first time to direct buyers, and recently building the territory’s first coffee washing station in over 40 years.

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