caffe luxxe casetta blend



Region: Costa Rica (Dota Tarrazu), Guatemala (Huehuetenango), Ethiopia (Guji)
Altitude: 1,500 - 1,950 Meters
Varietal: Various
Process:  Natural, Washed
Body: Medium, Creamy
Aroma: Fruit, Caramel
Flavor: Stone Fruit, Cherry Blossom, Caramel
Acidity: Slightly Tart
Finish: Sweet, Clean

Designed specifically for Drip coffee, our Master Roaster gave this coffee a lighter roast profile to highlight its sweetness and playfully tart acidity. Casetta (“little house”) is lush with distinct notes of stone fruit & cherry blossom, a creamy body, and a sweet & clean finish that lingers delicately on your palate. This blend of coffees from Costa Rica and Guatemala will be right at home brewed with your bee house dripper, or your press pot, though those more adventurous may enjoy it brewed as an espresso as well!

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