From Seed to Cup

The journey of coffee is a miraculous story, filled with genuine roots at its core. It is such an honor for us to be a partner to all of the people involved from seed to cup.

Coffee begins its life as a cherry on a tree. This fruit turns a bright, deep red when it is ripe and ready to be harvested.

The coffee bean is then stripped from the pulp, then dried, and then milled.

picking coffee
farmer raking coffee
green coffee in bag

Our roasting team hand selects green coffees either by visiting the farms directly or through its network of trusted coffee experts who import coffee based on our strict criteria.

We then hand roast our coffee in small batches. Our master roaster roasts our coffees to a profile which celebrates the unique flavors and aromas for each country of origin. For our signature House Blend espresso, we are inspired by Northern Italy’s style, which imparts a dark chocolate caramel base flavor profile and enhanced with a modern twist with a jasmine finish.

tamping coffee close up
espresso pouring from bottomless portafilter
cappuccino latte art

At our caffes, each person in trained through an extensive 6-12 month apprenticeship before she/he can be called a professional barista. The end result is a prefect cup of coffee crafted by hand one drink at a time.

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