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Crafting quality coffee and building genuine relationships with your customers are incredibly important aspects for any coffee business. However, without the proper infrastructure and strategies in place, many owners run the risk of going out of business. That’s why at Caffe Luxxe we offer complementary consultation to all of our partners by co-founders Mark Wain and Gary Chau who are baristi and business owners at heart. With your free consultation, talk with Mark & Gary about topics including (but not limited to!):

  • Designing efficient and ergonomic bar layouts for optimal barista and customer flow.
  • A holistic approach to creating a sustainable business. Learn not just how to make great coffee, but how to make a great coffee business.
  • Advice you can trust from our co-founders who have owned and operated our successful caffes for 11+ years.
  • Insights on build out, code compliance, operational strategy, management, marketing, and more!
  • Our genuine excitement to help create the perfect coffee program for you; it’s what we love to do!

We’re ready to help you build a long lasting, sustainable coffee business. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started!

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