Handcraft and Social Value

Creating social value and giving back to our community describes our daily mission at Caffe Luxxe. In addition to the charitable outreach we do in our neighborhoods, we also take the opportunity to create long lasting value through the people who make your drinks every morning: Our baristi.

With new technologies affecting almost every business and promising to make our lives easier and more efficient, the coffee industry also finds itself becoming more and more saturated with push-button, automatic machines. In fact, it is becoming more common to find coffeehouses which only utilize automated equipment, requiring less training and awareness for the person operating the machine (and in our opinion also delivering consistently average tasting drinks). And while they may save time in training, they lose the opportunity to develop skills that they can utilize for the rest of their lives. For us, not only is part of being a barista developing the coffee knowledge and technique that only come from handcrafting every drink, but also about developing the underlying curiosity, persistence, and other skills required to learn any craft.

These skills our baristi develop at Caffe Luxxe stay with them wherever they go, helping them make positive impact in their own communities. We aspire to extend this philosophy throughout our business with all of our partners, from farm to caffe.

Our hope is that you enjoy what we’re all about, and by helping support us as a local neighborhood business, we all have a chance to contribute to a socially valuable community.

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