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This weekend, we're taking part in the #RallyForCoffee initiative started by the good people at Created Co. Along with the rest of the world, the coffee industry is in the middle of a crisis and we need your help. Coffee shops and their employees have been devastated by the effects of COVID-19 and social distancing measures. That's why we're asking everyone to join in and #RallyforCoffee this Saturday by making a purchase online or for takeout at your local coffee shop.

From Friday, April 10th, through Sunday April 12th, we're offering you an opportunity to try some delicious coffees for 50% off! When you purchase a 12oz bag of our Montenero Blend, you can get another 12oz bag of any of our other coffees for half the price! Just use code RALLY at checkout, and your discount will be applied.

Use code RALLY at checkout for 50% off your second 12oz bag of coffee!

We're also excited to release our latest Single Origin coffee to celebrate this event - Kenya Nyeri County Peaberry! We have an extremely limited quantity of this coffee, so make sure to grab your bag before we run out!

bag of caffe luxxe kenya nyeri coffee
Neyri County
Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society
1,700 - 1,890 meters
Fully Washed
SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Sweet, Citrus
Canned Peaches, Citrus, Mango
Bright, Crisp, Balanced
Medium, Sugary



We're in this together

We really appreciate you supporting us, and companies like us, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. We're excited to be participating in this community event, and hope that it brings joy and coffee to everyone involved.



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